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Mobile Application Development

Marco Klingmann

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Echtzeit for iPad

This is a bookstore and eBooks reader app for iPad. It allows you to purchase eBooks but also real books, published by Echtzeit Verlag.

Check out the neat store front!

Das Feuerzeug - Taktil
The Tinderbox iPad App Screenshot

Interactive Children's Book "The Tinderbox"

Enjoy the classic fairy tale "The Tinderbox" by H.C. Andersen on the iPad. With brand new amazing illustrations by Justyna Chudzinska and numerous animations and interactive elements.

Das Feuerzeug - Taktil
The Tinderbox iPad App Screenshot

Accelerometer Gesture Recognition Application

Draw a circle in the air with your phone – this application recognises the gesture and triggers some action; i.e. a phone call is initiated.

Accelerometer-based gesture recognition serves as an alternative input method. Gestures are freely trainable.

Watch the demonstration video
Read the paper (PDF)

MSc Project. Not yet available on the App Store.

Accelerometer based Gesture Recognition



Marco Klingmann is a mobile application developer/interaction designer living in Zurich, Switzerland. He is specialising in the development and conception of mobile applications as well as mobile internet sites.

With over 9 years of experience in the mobile industry, he has worked on innovative mobile solutions for well known companies and brand names such as Adidas, Reebok, Sony Pictures, Warner, Vodafone, O2, Swisscom and many more.

Marco holds a masters in computer science and a bachelor in media arts.

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